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Time Is Of The Essence

Time Is Of The Essence


Buying a house is a strange thing. It is a huge purchase but everything has to move so quickly. You have to quickly make an offer on your dream house before someone else takes it. You also have to move quickly once you have a contract.

Tracking Down Documents Can Be a Pain

When I bought a house I was my own worst client. I would wait days before getting that bank statement that was needed. I took forever to get last years tax returns. All the things I tell others not to do I did so I certainly get it.

We May Come Back to You Several Times for Documents

It is still an unfortunate reality of home lending that there is a lot of documentation and more documentation means more to review and possibly create more needed documents. Even good loan officers (like us!) do not always get everything the first time around.

It is Important to Move Quickly

There is usually about 3 to 4 weeks between a contract and the closing and for that entire time me and my team are going to be that annoying friend who keeps calling you and asking you to do stuff. Trust us it is all for your benefit. The sooner you get the documents we need (we ask that you have them back in 48 hours) the smoother and more enjoyable buying a home is going to be.

We get it. You want a house, not a mortgage. We love seeing buyers excited at closing. If you look defeated and exhausted by the process, we feel like we have not done our jobs to its fullest. There may be times when we seem a bit annoying, but trust that we are on your side. Now lets get you a home!

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