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I started in the mortgage industry back in 2002 right after graduating from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Since I had no idea what I wanted to do after graduating, I sort of just fell into being a loan officer. I don’t think anyone dreams of being a mortgage lender growing up, but in the many years I have been helping families get into homes it has become a passion of mine.

In 2019 I started to notice something missing in the way mortgages were being provided to consumers. The big national lenders had built a “conveyor belt” system for getting a family from the start of the loan to the closing table. In some cases, a buyer would talk to 6 different people throughout the process. It is a system built for mass production with little care about the families involved. I also noticed that most local lenders were trying (poorly in my opinion) to copy this mass production system. Every buyer was a “lead”, every closing was an additional “unit”. Mortgage loan officers were trying to move their leads through their “sales funnel” with automated text and ring less voicemails. In the office, loan officers are bragging about the size of their “pipeline”. It was a lot of go getters and very few go givers.

With Petrovich Team Home Loan, I wanted to try something radically different. Instead of expanding I would stay small by design. Instead of building sales funnels I would build relationships. Rather than pass you off to my “on boarder” or “production assistant” a buyer would talk with me from start to finish. I would build a hyper local small business that worked by referral. The goal is to make sure every family has an amazing home buying experience and they tell their friends.

My goal is to be the local business that is active in his community. I want to provide a true concierge experience to local buyers in Omaha, Papillion, La Vista, and Bellevue. – Michael Petrovich

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